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Traveling to Central India is a great experience. In this part of India you will find more than 3500 magnificent monuments bearing witness to the glory of many emperors. This part of India known for historical monuments, magnifiently sculptured temples, colourful festivals, wildlife sancturies, cool hill stations and wide beaches.

Plan a trip to any part of India and be sure that you will be taken aback by the mesmerizing beauty of this country which is worth universal appreciation. One of the most celebrated regions of incredible India is its central part. Central region is represented by powerful state of Maharashtra and its several beautiful cities.
Central India promises a feast stored in for the tourists. With great historical monuments, rich wildlife, coastlines, hill stations, pilgrimage sites, adventure sports, cuisines, festivities and diverse cultures this region has it all to win over the hearts of travelers.

Tours of Central India takes you skating over the eternal monuments, erotic figures carved on walls of Khajuraho temples, exquisite lakes in Bhopal, intense climates of cultural capital Gwalior and stupas of Sanchi. This state goes by sobriquet of tiger state of India.

But excitement for visitors is not limited to jungle safaris. Tourism has become more viable here due to rapid development in state infra structure. This article comprises of information on famous cities that will act as a travel guide during the central India tour.

Top Places to Visit in Central India


Khajuraho is a small village renowned globally for its magnificent temples. They stand out for their excellent architecture as its sculptures found their popular theme as Woman. Western group, eastern group and southern group are the three geographical groups into which temples of Khajuraho can be categorized. Dhubela Museum, Panna National Park, Pandava Waterfall, Benisagar Lake, Rajgarh Palace and Ajaygarh Fort are the popular sights one should visit during their trip to central region of India.


Orchha is a beautiful region rising out of hills located on the banks of river Betwa (approx.

16km from Jhansi). It proudly shelters historical monuments which haven’t lost their charm till date and narrate eternal tails of war – peace to whole world.

It was founded by Bundela rajput Rudra Pratap in 16th century. Temples of Orchha and Phool Bagh are famous tourist destinations one should definitely not miss.


Gwalior, historical place of Madhya Pradesh, was one of the major routes between north and south India in past. Till date it is well connected to all major cities of the country via road. Ruled by many emperors, this city has evolved out as an abode to rich cultural history. Gwalior Fort and Shivpuri are major tourist attractions.

Gujari Mahal, Man Mandir Palace, Ghaus Mohammed's Tomb, Sun Temple and Sarod Ghar also enjoy great admiration by travelers.


Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal was founded by Raja Bhoj who named it Bhojpal in 11th century. Here, one would find a perfect blend of historicity with contemporary lifestyle. Nicknamed as city of lakes, it is dominated by two beautiful lakes. Popular sites of interest are Taj-ul-Masjid, Jama Masjid, Van Vihar, Bharat Bhawan, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, BHEL Township and Regional Science centre.

Touring central India is a golden chance to get familiar with its culture, traditions and history. This vast expanse of Madhya Pradesh has depth in its every color. From adventurous activities to cultural expedition one gets all that required for an ideal vacation.


It is situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha is famous among tourists for its wildlife. Kanha is just 35 km from UrmiaThe major wildlife attractions of Kanha National Park are tigers, leopard, jackals, blackbucks, spotted deer, white breasted kingfishers, crested serpents etc. There is also a museum in the park known as the Kanha National.