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Delightful Rajasthan TourZanskar Hill Station

Tour Route : Manali - Darcha – Palmo - Zanskar Sumdo – Chumig Nagpo - Lakhang - Kargyak - Purni - Ichar - Mune - Padum - Karcha - Pishu - Hanumil - Photoksar - Hanupatta - Wanla - Lamayuru

Tour Duration : 21 Nights / 22 Days




Day 1: Manali to Darcha
On day 1st, you will arrive at Manali and drive towards to Darcha where you will catch bus or taxi and reach at the hotel. In the hotel, you will relax and enjoy the hotel facilities. While coming here you will take rest in the hotel and feel the comfort.

Day 2: Darcha to Palmo
On day 2nd, you will get up in the morning and drive towards the place for the sightseeing. Here you will have full day excursion and Pass through a spectacular gorge. While coming here you will do full day Darcha Adventures, enjoy the footpath through Darcha Valley, and then drive towards Palmo.

Day 3: Palmo to Zanskar Sumdo
On day 3rd you will drive towards Zanskar Sumdo and enjoy the view of hills and valleys. While coming here you will go up the right hand valley and enjoy the place. At night you will be back to the hotel and have dinner over there.

Day 4: Zanskar Sumdo to Chumig Nagpo
Your 4th day is planned to visit Zanskar Sumdo to Chumig Nagpo where you will climb moderate slopes and enjoy the place. While coming here you will come across the zigzags path through a Moraine. While coming here you will have lovely view of hills and valleys along with other wonderful locations.

Day 5: to Lakhang
Your 5th day is planned tom visit to Lakhang where you will Go across the Shingoo-La which is located at the height and is enjoy the trip. With this, you can even an easy descent towards Kargyak and feel the cool ambience of the place.

Day 6: Kargyak to Purni
With lovely breakfast you will begin your day and plan to visit Tanze, a bridge links to the left bank, here you will view of Kuru, major settlement of livestock breeders and with this you will enjoy the tip. Later you will visit towards morainic terrain.

Day 7: Rest day & a visit to Phuktal Monastry
Your day 8th is a short trip to Phuktal Monastery is one of the most spectacular sights of in Zanskar. Zanskar is tradition of the Gelupas where you will view the deep valleys and other parts. At this place you will go enjoy trekking and be thrilled by seeing the places.

Day 8: Purni to Ichar
Your 8th day is trip for Ichar where you will have campsite and enjoy the place. Here you will g through campsite, an interesting fortified village which will spellbound you. This will give your excellent experience where you will enjoy the hill station excursion.

Day 9: Ichar to Mune
On day 9th you will derive towards Mune where you will have climb, before that you will come across back over to the left bank and enjoy the trip. After full day excursion, you will descent down towards Reru and after that, a quiet, beautiful plain covered with flowers. Here you can feel the flowers blossom in month of July, which will give your good feel.

Day 10: Mune to Padum
Like others day, you will have your morning breakfast and later will plan to visit Barden Monastery Which is famous for its prayer wheels that are 180 cm high. Here you will spend your entire day and enjoy the trip. With this, you can visit Kagyupa monastery and even do the prayers.

Day 11: Padum to Karcha
Like other days you will get up in the morning and drive towards Padum to Karcha, whre you will try and pass by dusty plain towards River Doda. Here you will feel cool blossom and enjoy the day.

Day 12: Karcha to Pishu
On day 12th you will go to view longest hanging bridge over Zanskar and full day you will spend your time over there. While coming here you will truly sense the high hills and unreachable flat lanes.

Day 13: Free day
On day 13th you will have relaxation day where you will enjoy the day and Visit Zangla, old capital of Zanskar.

Day 14: Pishu to Hanumil
On day 14th, also you will trek Continue towards left bank where you will enjoy river and at times across the Moronic Plateau. You will begin your trip after having your morning breakfast later will drive towards the other lovely places of Hanumil.

Day 15: Hanumil to Parfi-La-Nyste
Your day 15th is planned to visit Parfi-La-Nyste, which is leads away from the edge of Zanskar. Here you will pass by Partila and take the wide view of hills.

Day 16: Nyste to Lingshed
On day 16th, you will Go across the Hanuma-La  which is positioned at the height of 4700 m. while coming to this place  you will enjoy the camping and Trekking, later will  easy decent towards Lingshed. At night, you will stay in the hotel and enjoy the dinner. Here you will enjoy the lovely location which is far from crowed area.

Day 17: Lingshed to Foot of Sengge
On day 17th you will climb of 1 hour to the Murgum, which is located approx 4100 m of height. Here you will descent towards Village Gongma and come to base of Sengge-La.

Day 18: Singge - La Base to Photoksar
Your day 18th is planned to visit steep climb to the Segge-La takes. The place is lamest 5000 m) at height and is broad valley where you can have excellent full day excursion. After your trip, you will Descent towards Photoksar (3750 m), a splendid village and even visit some Monastery over here.

Day 19: Rest at Photoksar
Have your relaxing morning breakfast and later will Rest at Photoksar. Here you will enjoy the hotel amenities and feel the cool atmosphere of the place. at evening you can even go for village view.

Day 20: Photoksar to Hanupatta
Your day 20th is planned to visit Hanupatta, where you will have gentle climb up to a large chorten. Here you will go for long ascent to the Sir-Sir-La and feel the lovely ambience.

Day 21: Hanupatta to Wanla
On day 21nd, you will cross Phenji-La which is located at the distance of3 hours and is lovely place to have to little walk beyond Village Wanla. The place is very cool and is ideal place to sense the village people and its rich culture.

Day 22: Wanla to Lamayuru
This is your last day trip where you will enjoy trekking of Lamayuru and later will crossing the 10th pass Printiti-La. Re you will spend your half day and then that drive 124 km to Leh and 106 km to Kargil and then plan to go back to Delhi.